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Collaborative Law


Collaborative Law is a relatively new way to resolve disputes respectfully, without going to court, with the support, protection, and guidance of specially-trained lawyers.


It's well-known that most court cases settle before trial, so why needlessly incur the significant expense and hassle of a litigated case when there is another way?


In Collaborative Law, the parties agree:

  • to negotiate a mutually acceptable settlement without going to court
  • to voluntarily exchange all relevant information
  • to retain a lawyer whose representation will end if the parties resort to court
  • to jointly engage financial and other experts if needed


​Benefits of Collaborative Law:

  • Reduces financial costs of dispute resolution
  • Reduces emotional costs
  • Values participants' time and schedules - meeting times agreed by parties
  • Protects confidentiality and avoids publicity
  • Helps maintain relationships (e.g., the co-parenting relationship after a divorce)


Want more information about Collaborative Law?  

Check out the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals website.